About Us


Mission: To use a revolutionary technology to create, in a highly efficient manner, new drugs for treatment of diseases that currently lack effective therapies.

Cullgen is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of first-in-class new chemical entities (NCEs) for the treatment of diseases lacking effective therapeutic approaches. We are developing our proprietary technology platform, uSMITETM, based on recent advances in the science of protein degradation. Typically, drugs are designed to interact with the functional sites of proteins and block their activities. We are developing uSMITETM to expand the drug design paradigm beyond functional site inhibition, to make it possible to eliminate previously “undruggable” enzymes and proteins by targeted destruction. We also intend to use the uSMITETM technology to harness the ubiquitin proteasome system, a multi-step biochemical process that controls protein degradation in all cells. From years of research on the proteasome system and key discoveries about its assembly, Cullgen’s founders have already demonstrated that the underlying technology can rapidly generate a large number of highly potent, selective, and bioavailable compounds. Furthermore, this process is significantly more cost effective compared with traditional drug discovery approaches.

Cullgen plans to initially focus on oncology and immune diseases. Cullgen also intends to probe mechanisms of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation and to develop additional technologies for identifying protein-small molecule interactions to discover new therapeutic targets and novel drug candidates.

With the globalization of the field of R&D and healthcare, Cullgen plans to simultaneously start drug discovery and business development in the United States, Japan and China to build a strong, collaborative and efficient drug discovery platform.